Saturday, October 27, 2012

San Antonio

I decided that when Genny came to visit in Houston that we needed to break up the shopping with a mini getaway somewhere.  My colleagues suggested San Antonio, and since I was running out of time and ideas, San Antonio it became.

We stayed at the Omni Mansion Del Rio on the Riverwalk.  It used to be a college previously.  They never tear down the buildings around the Riverwalk.  They are just converted into something else.

This is the Alamo.  I really don't know much except it's a part of the Texan history books...and Davey Crockett was involved in these skirmishes...I have a pamphlet somewhere...

There are tour boats that take you through all of the parts of the Riverwalk, and they give us tidbits of history of the buildings on the Riverwalk.

One of the many restaurants down on the Riverwalk....this one is Mexican (we ate inside though...too many birds outside for me).

The final, night we went to an Italian restaurant at the Westin.  The evening is obviously a great time to walk off a giant meal...especially along the Riverwalk...


Anonymous said...

Nice dress . . . .

Oh, I'm so jealous! As much as I like wandering around various historical sites in Europe, there are a few choice places I'd like to visit in the U.S. and the Alamo is one of them. San Antonio looks gorgeous! I love all that Spanish architecture! (Wasn't this part of Texas part of Mexico at one point?)

It just looks like a cool and unique city to see!

- B

Anonymous said...

Yup, was pretty neat! We also had some good guacamole there too!!


Anonymous said...

And we learned that Davey Crockett's catchphrase was:
"You may all go to hell, and I will go to Texas!". Well at times in the humidity, I couldn't really tell where I was.....:D

Anways, the souvinir ship was one of the most diverse and stocked up shop that I've seen for awhile! And yes, you could get Mr. Davey Crockett on a t-shirt with his phrase.