Saturday, October 27, 2012

10th Time to Las Vegas

Yup, it's been a decade of Vegas fun.  It's tough to change it up when we always have fun.

Anyways, besides the pool, spa, and tables, we do go out for delicious meals.  Our target restaurant this time around was STEAK by Gordon Ramsay in the Paris.  A fancy place for us fancy people.....

The experience was pretty cool.  Once the bottle of win aerated, it was delicious.  The meat tray was quite interesting (no photo), but they have a tray that has every cut of meat they serve and the server brings it to each table to give the patrons a meat lesson.  Real meats.

I think the experience was overall enjoyable, but Mr. Ramsay needs to lay off the salt on the deep fried beans.

Group picture!

At the end of the evening, we got to meet the winner from Hell's Kitchen (Christina Wilson).  Very nice person.


Anonymous said...

Some #$^(#@!#)%& donkey put too much salt on the beans! $%^(@ #(*$&@P!

*Dramatic musical cue. Gordon rubs his temples. Commercial break.*

Sounds like fun! I always hear about cool restaurants when I watch Top Chef and always think "I want to eat there!" I'd love to go to Chicago one day. A lot of cool restaurants in Chicago, looks like.

m said...

This is an awesome picture!

Anonymous said...

I would also like to go to Chicago! Or just to any fancy restaurant anywhere!

What a nifty looking bunch we are!!