Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is This Really Exciting?

Today is officially DAY 1 in Houston.  I've done all the responsible stock my kitchen, purchase cleaning products, have a late afternoon nap (plus a Harry Potter marathon of sorts)....points one and two were both executed at the 'local' Walmart Supercentre.  I'm not sure how local it was, but my GPS got me there in 20 minutes maybe.  And for the record, I am only able to achieve my responsible tasks with the minimum amount of frustration and time b/c I rented a Garmin GPS.  You program it, and it tells you where to go while you drive.  DONE DEAL!

I also purchased myself a treat!

Now, I'm just waiting out a severe thunderstorm.  So far nothing different from Cowtown...(I'm referring to the spontaneous thunderstorms, not the humid 32 degrees Celsius).

Hmmm, maybe I'll scrapbook....

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