Sunday, June 23, 2013

Flaming Gorge (Manila, UT)

Back in Utah on Thursday, we went back to mapping out rock successions in road cuts and outcrops outside of Manila, UT. We donned yon reflective vests and mapped out channel successions on both sides of the road.

This cut might be multiple channel successions with a muddy over bank collapsing and depositing further downstream.

All along the rock faces, the cliff swallows have made their mud nests hanging up against the rock.  There's a beak poking out of one of them.  It's cool on the rock face, not so much on possibly the side of a house.

In the fields, the cacti were a blooming.  Pink buds but yellow flowers.  Also lizards, scorpions, marmots....

This was our last mapping exercise of the day.  Not a great picture since the outcrop is so extensive. My sketch is way better. Valleys incising marine shorefaces.  You can't see it.  I can.

We ended the day with a long drive through the Uinta Mountains and overnight in Vernal, UT.  Hot and dry.

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