Sunday, June 16, 2013

Field Notes

So I am going to attempt blogging while on the road with my iPhone laptop. This could go bad but I'll give it a shot since the blog has sat dormant for a while. And forgive the grammar as I can't see what I'm writing on a full screen...  I cannot download pics on my phone to my blog so I will hope there is free wifi at the next 5 hotels I stay at (here's hoping Best Western).

I'm on a Nautilus geology field course for 7 days. We (20 of us) are starting here in Salt Lake City, Utah, and I'm pretty sure we are travelling through parts of Utah and into Wyoming.  I haven't particularly mapped out our journey....many things contribute as distractions at the moment.

So here in SLC, we are hanging out at the Radisson by the airport (see below) preparing to start up bright and early tomorrow morning and head out to our next destinations (yes, multiple stops).

I did get my 10 000 steps in (went for a walk) for the day for those who are aware of my GCC commitment (I'm not explaining more than that on that topic).


Anonymous said...

OK, we're following you.....

Anonymous said...

Hey cool! Can't wait to hear your report and see all the interesting places you're about to visit.

Of course, I'm jealous whenever anyone gets to travel . . . but I hope they don't work you too hard and that the weather is awesome for you.

Anonymous said...

Yup, distractions from work are welcome...especially if I have to work this weekend...please keep updating so I can surf the net for something interesting!!